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Our range of high-quality solenoid valves are suitable for UK potable water supplies, and operate from a 0.1 bar pressure differential. They are designed for compliance with BREEAM WAT 04 requirements, to protect vulnerable toilet areas from leaks resulting in excessive water usage and potential flood damage when linked to a PIR Sensor. This range is held in normally closed position, and activation from a PIR sensor opens the valve to allow normal water flow to resume. They are available in a range of sizes from 3/8” to 2”.



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Solenoid Valves, when installed in conjunction with our PIR Sensors, can be used to control the water supply to a certain area.  Our PIR sensor detects an infrared source (body heat) as it enters the room, once detected the sensor automatically triggers the solenoid valve to switch open, allowing normal water supply to resume.  If the PIR sensor no longer detects a presence for a preset time (adjustable from 10 seconds to 40 minutes) the solenoid valve automatically shuts off the water supply again, protecting areas from potentially costly leaks from damaged ball valves and taps, and flood damage from burst pipes; it also protects areas at risk of deliberate acts of vandalism such as schools and municipal public toilets.

Key features of our Solenoid Valve and PIR combination:

​Water Saving

Automatically shuts off water supply off automatically when room becomes unoccupied

Reduces the need to check unattended public spaces with water supplies such as washrooms

Suitable For
All commercial and domestic needs such as office and factory washrooms, hotels, schools and public toilets, holiday rentals

Easy to Install
With only 3 wire connections required: Live, neutral & switched live

Flexible Installation for every need

Multiple PIR sensors can be wired in parallel to cover larger spaces; while a single PIR sensor can control multiple valves, or multiple PIRs can be wired in parallel to control a single solenoid valve




Female 3/8” to 2” BSP

Suitable Media

Water/Air/Oil/Inert Gases

Valve Working Temperature

-10C to 90C

Coil Working Temperature

80C Max

Valve Closing Time

10 msec

Power Supply



Coil:              EN 60335-1
                      CE C102410
Connector:  DIN 4365

WRAS Approved


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