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Nuaire provides the UK’s leading solution for condensation prevention. ​

Washing, cooking, bathing and showering are everyday activities that produce moisture in a home. The humid environment generated by the moisture creates the ideal conditions for condensation and mould to start to form.
Nuaire extractor fans are designed to extract that excess moisture from your home and prevent any problems, such as streaming windows, musty air and mould growth.

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Condensation – What’s the Problem? 

Condensation dampness is more common than you may think, particularly in older homes that are poorly ventilated.  Excess moisture is produced by everyday activities such as bathing, cooking, washing and drying your clothes inside.  Condensed water provides the ideal conditions for mould spores already in the air to germinate and grow, damaging your walls, furniture and clothes and contributing to health problems. 

​​Through everyday life (cooking, cleaning, breathing) the average family produces over 17 pints of moisture a day. This condensates on cold surfaces and leads to mould growth, which is not only damaging to the fabric of the building but creates unnecessary costs. 

What’s more poor indoor air quality has significant impact on the health. 

So What’s the Solution?

Installing one of our Nuaire extractor fans in your home prevents condensation by keeping moisture levels low by drawing moisture ladened air through the vent and expelling it outside the property.  When used correctly, they will not only protect your home from mould and damp but will also improve your indoor air quality and create a healthier living environment.

We also offer an alternative solution to damp and condensation with Nuaire’s PIV systems which create a fresh and healthy indoor environment by gently introducing fresh, filtered air into the home at a continuous low rate ensuring that old, contaminated moisture-laden air is continuously diluted, displaced, and replaced with good quality air, eliminating condensation, dampness and forcing out indoor pollutants such as Radon gas and carbon monoxide. The result is improved air quality and a healthy living environment in which condensation cannot exist. 

Flexible Solution
Suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, WC or utility rooms

Flexible Installation Options
Recess kit and window kit are available and side spigot option allows multi adjoining wet-room ventilation

Quiet Running
​​Designed with tenants in mind

Low Maintenance Costs
​​Easy Filterless maintenance

Faith Extract Fan

The Faith extract fan is our basic model.  This compact, filterless constant-flow fan provides energy-efficient ventilation and comfort for home owners and tenents alike.  With its sleek and unobtrusive design, Faith offers the latest in smart technology yet is simple to install and operate.

Faith comes with the added feature of a daily-run monitor as standard. It has a fully adjustable duty range of between 4 and 25 l/s. And comes with Nuaire’s 5 year warranty: 1 year parts and labour, remaining 4 years parts only.

How will Faith benefit you?
• Extracts moisture avoiding condensation build-up
• Improves indoor air quality
• Low noise levels

• Low running costs
• Prevents noise disturbance during the night
• Designed to meet the requirements of Social Housing
• 5 year warranty – 

Cyfan Extract Fan

Cyfan is our upgraded classic all in one extract fan solution.

The Cyfan allows the occupant to select a range of flow rates and functions at the flick of a switch, from kitchen ventilation removing humidity and odours, to constantly running operation to alleviating condensation dampness in bathrooms. 

This fully customisable fan is suitable for all wet rooms applications and can be switched from a powerful kitchen extract fan capable of achieving 60l/s, to a low volt fan suitable for Splash Zones (please note the 240v version is not suitable for splash zones).

This Cyfan has been designed with landlords and social housing in mind, with an aesthetically pleasing and compact design suiting different property layouts and lifestyles, allowing you to configure and install the right fan for every application.

Main features include: 
• One fan suitable for all wet room applications: kitchens, bathrooms, WC or utility rooms 
• Extremely low noise level 
• Compact and aesthetically pleasing 
• Low energy usage; low running cost
• Quick switch to low voltage for splash zones (the 240v model is not suitable for splash zones)
• Daily run monitoring device 
• Flexible and unique functionality to suit any property or tenant’s lifestyle
• Flexible installation options including adjoining room ventilation via one unit 
• 5 year warranty – 1 year parts and labour, remaining 4 years parts only

Nuaire is the UK’s leading manufacturer of energy-efficient ventilation systems, inventing the PIV system over 40 years ago. They have since built a reputation for exceptional quality, and were the first fan manufacturer in the UK to achieve the ISO9001 quality standard.





5 Year – 1st year parts and Labour, remaining 4 years parts


Cyfan: Yes

Faith: No

Maximum duty rate (l/s)

Cyfan: 60

Faith: 26

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