Nuaire Flatmaster & Drimaster Positive Input Ventilation (PIV)

Nuaire provides the UK’s leading solution for condensation prevention.

Nuaire’s Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) takes fresh air from outside, cleans the air, and discharges it into your home creating an environment in which condensation and mould cannot exist, while indoor pollutants including harmful Radon gas and carbon monoxide are expelled through natural gaps found in every home.

​What’s more allergens are kept to a minimum and outdoor pollutants such as pollen and traffic fumes are kept out. The results are a fresh and healthy indoor environment.

Find out more about the Nuaire PIV systems below, or go straight to our Choosing the right PIV Section.

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Nuaire Positive Input Ventilation (PIV)

Poor Ventilation – What’s the Problem? 

Poor ventilation is a wide-scale problem. It is estimated that one in five UK households are poorly ventilated, leading to problems with streaming windows, mould growth and poor indoor air quality. Energy-efficiency measures such as cavity wall insulation and double-glazing make homes warmer by sealing in the heat. But as a result, the humid, stale air becomes trapped inside the home leading to condensation and the appearance of black mould.

​Through everyday life (cooking, cleaning, breathing) the average family produces over 17 pints of moisture a day. This condensates on cold surfaces and leads to mould growth, which is not only damaging to the fabric of the building but creates unnecessary costs. 

What’s more poor indoor air quality has significant impact on the health.  

So What’s the Solution?

Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) has become the UK’s most popular method of low-energy, whole-home ventilation, and is now installed in over 1 million homes in the UK.

Nuaire’s PIV systems create a fresh and healthy indoor environment by gently introducing fresh, filtered air into the home at a continuous low rate ensuring that old, contaminated moisture-laden air is continuously diluted, displaced, and replaced with good quality air, eliminating condensation, dampness and forcing out indoor pollutants such as Radon gas and carbon monoxide. The result is improved air quality and a healthy living environment in which condensation cannot exist.

​It can also be used to ventilate basements, cellars and other areas that would benefit from a continuous supply of fresh, filtered air.

Cures Condensation

Reduces humidity in the air, curing condensation dampness and preventing mould growth

Healthy Living Environment

Removes both indoor and outdoor pollutants from the home, overall improving indoor air quality

Ideal for Apartments

Designed to ventilate homes without lofts, the unit is compact and can be consealedaway in a convenient location

Meets Regulations

Meets Part F & L of Building Regulations as a low-energy ventilation strategy

High Efficiency

Extremely low power consumption as low as 3 watts per hour

Choosing the Right Nuaire PIV

Flatmaster Range

For Properties without a Loft Space

The Flatmaster range is specifically designed for properties without a loft space.

The Flatmaster range are extremely low-energy, low cost, fit-and-forget PIVs.  They are easy to install, require minimal energy to run and minimum effort to maintain, making them an ideal solution for both new build and retro-fit applications.


This basic model has the controls located on the unit.

Flatmaster 2000
​This upgraded model includes an integral heater which tempers the air brought in from outside the property, after it has been filtered.  It is available in left hand discharge (Flatmaster 2000L) and right hand discharge models (Flatmaster 2000R).

Drimaster-ECO Range

Single or 2 Storey Homes with Loft Space 

The Drimaster-ECO range is designed for whole house ventilation for single or 2 storey homes with a loft space.

In addition to the low power consumption, extremely quiet operation and very low maintenance, these models include a daily run monitor as standard, and automatic heat recovery mode.


This basic model has the controls located on the unit in the loft.

An alternative to the LC model with the advantage of a 7 segment display located in the ceiling diffuser allowing complete control without accessing the loft.

An upgrade on the basic HC model that includes a 400W integral heater which tempers the air brought in from outside the property, after it has been filtered. 

Another alternative upgrade on the HC model with the ability to link to a choice of wireless controls and interactive sensors: including the relative humidity (RH) and carbon dioxide sensors which automatically increase the fans speed when the target setting on the sensors are met.
This model’s non-disruptive installation makes it ideal for repairs and maintenance schemes making it a favourite with social house providers.  

This model combines the upgrade benefits of the HEAT-HCS and LINK models to include both a 400W integral heater which tempers the air brought in from outside the property, after it has been filtered, and the ability to link to wireless controls and interactive sensors.


3 Storey Homes with Loft Space

The Drimaster-ECO-3STOREY range is designed for whole house ventilation for 3 storey homes with a loft space.

​These models use the same Positive Input Ventilation technology, but uses an intumescent aluminium diffuser in order to meet fire regulation standards.


This basic model has the controls located on the unit in the loft.

An upgrade on the 3STOREY model with a 400W integral heater which tempers the air brought in from outside the property after it has been filtered.  It also has a 7 segment display located in the ceiling diffuser allowing complete control without accessing the loft.

Nuaire is the UK’s leading manufacturer of energy-efficient ventilation systems, inventing the PIV system over 40 years ago. They have since built a reputation for exceptional quality, and were the first fan manufacturer in the UK to achieve the ISO9001 quality standard.


Flatmaster Range
Flatmaster,    Flatmaster 2000L,    Flatmaster 2000R

Drimaster Range


5 Year – 1st year parts and Labour, remaining 4 years parts

Filter Life Expectancy

Flatmaster Range: 12 to 18 Months
Drimaster Range: 4 to 5 years

Type of heat recovery system

Flatmaster:  None
​​Drimaster Range:  None


Flatmaster:   3 Speed
Drimaster Range:    Variable Speed Drive

Maximum flow rate (m3/h)

Flatmaster:     34
Drimaster Range:  252

Electric power input of the fan drive at maximum flow rate (W)

Flatmaster Range:    9.4 Watts
Drimaster Range:  15.3Watts

Sound power level (LWA)

Flatmaster Range:   38
Drimaster Range: 35

Reference flow rate (m3/s)

Flatmaster Range:    0.0075
Drimaster Range:   0.0500

Reference pressure difference (Pa)

Flatmaster Range:  32
Drimaster Range:  0

Specific power input (SPI) (W/(m3/h))

Flatmaster range:   0.204
Drimaster Range: 0.039

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