Leak Detection

Whether you’re looking for commercial leak detection systems designed specifically to meet the requirements of BREEAM WAT02 and WAT03, or a domestic leak detection systems with integrated automatic shut-off valve to give homeowners and landlords peace of mind, we’ve got the product for you!

Sizing varies depending your requirements so please call our helpline on 01608 811707 to discuss your enquiry. Alternatively you can email our technical department with your requirements here.




Domestic ​Inline Leak Detection and Automatic Shut-Off

​The fully WRAS approved inline leak detection system and auto shut-off valve is designed to reduce the risk of costly flood damage by monitoring flow rates and identifying periods of excessive or unexpected flow at which point it will automatically shut-off the water supply. 

Fitted just after the stopcock, it measures the amount of water passing into the property and compares the flow rate and usage time against fully adjustable pre-programmable levels.  If either setting is exceeded the motorised valve will automatically close, shutting the water supply off. 

The device also features a holiday mode that will shut off the water supply after a pre-defined (and adjustable) period of no usage, and a handy over-ride feature that allows water usage to temporarily exceed the pre-set limits when demand is high, for instance while washing the car, or watering the garden.

BREEAM Major Water Leak Detection

One or two zone major water leak detection systems designed for compliance with BREEAM WAT02 and WAT03 requirements for water monitoring and major leak detection, where either internal leak detection (one zone), or both internal and external (two zone) leak detection is required.

These systems feature a control panel and world leading water meters with pulsed outputs to monitor water consumption and flow.  It is programmable and fully adjustable for excessive flow rates, or excessive periods of continuous flow, or a difference in flow between the two water meters (when two zone system installed).  It has an LCD display, an audible alarm, and BMS output.

There is also an option for a latching valve to automatically shut-off the water supply should a leak be detected.

The  Leak-King controller can uniquely be fitted with our optional Wi-Fi module to allow for remote monitoring via our Leak-King web portal.  This not only allows for consumption data to be monitored remotely in real time, but also provides automatic reporting to enable the user to look at ways of reducing consumption. 

Furthermore when set-up for web monitoring the Leak-King controller can automatically send fault alerts to nominated emails addresses or via SMS messaging! 

BRE Global and its affiliates do not endorse or certify any individual products and reserve all rights. Certification that a product meets BREEAM requirements is provided by a BREEAM assessor based on its use and application at any individual site.

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