Nova-Flo is a unique flood prevention device that turns off the water to a bath or basin as soon as the water level reaches the overflow. It’s fully mechanical, no electrical supply is required, it’s completely hidden from the view and it automatically resets as soon as the taps are turned to the closed position.

Nova-Flo should be installed with hand tightened plastic fittings, with flexible hoses on the lower ports. To ensure compatibility of fittings we recommend using the Nova-Flo Fixing Pack which brings together all the required compatible fittings in one convenient and easy to use pack.




Nova-Flo – The Flood Prevention Device

Sooner or later it happens to all of us; we forget the bath taps are running!

Baths quickly fill, the overflow can’t cope and you only remember when water starts dripping through the ceiling.

The cost for repairs can quickly escalate – while for landlords and hotels, who are unable to rent water damaged rooms, their lost revenue can be multiplied as damage affects multiple floors.

Nova-Flo is the unique and creative solution that detects water as it reaches the overflow and automatically shuts off the water supply preventing any flood damage.

It’s an effective insurance policy against flooded bathrooms, one that’s greatly appreciated by property owners, hotels, care homes, landlords, and tenants; and especially busy parents with children who enjoy playing in the bath.

Hot water going down the overflow wastes water and energy even when there is no flood

Repairing water damage can be extremely expensive particularly in high-rise buildings where multiple floors can be affected

Nova-Flo® can offer peace of mind to those most likely to forget; many assisted-living/sheltered accommodation providers, care homes and boarding schools already use Nova-Flo

Guests and tenants can be forgetful or even malicious. Flooded bathrooms mean lost revenue on top of expensive repair bills

Can I Install Nova-Flo myself?

Although Nova-Flo uses threaded connections to make installation as straight-forward as possible it is recommended installation is carried out by a competent plumber.  To ensure compatibility of fittings we recommend all installers use one of the Nova-Flo fixing packs – for details click here.

Can Nova-Flo be fitted to my existing bath?

Nova-Flo is relatively straight-forward to retro-fit, although if space is limited it’s easiest to fit Nova-Flo at the same time as the bath.

What do I have to do once Nova-Flo is fitted?

Nova-Flo is a fit-and-forget flood prevention device, so once installed you shouldn’t need to do anything. In fact the user doesn’t even need to know Nova-Flo is there.

It’s unique design means that even when triggered Nova-Flo self-intuitively resets when the taps are returned to the closed position.

Won’t my overflow stop my bath from flooding?

In recent times homeowners and businesses have taken action to improve water pressure.  Overflows are rarely able to cope and quickly can become overwhelmed even in relatively slow filling baths and basins.  Installing Nova-Flo can remove the risk of this type of water escape whilst also reducing water and energy consumption by stopping hot water pour down the overflow.

Operating Water Pressure​

Maximum Static – 8 Bar
Maximum Working – 12 Bar
Minimum – 1 Bar

Maximum Flow Rate

70 Litres Per Minute Per Inlet

Operating Water Temperature

Maximum 60°C
Minimum 4°C


WRAS – Cert No. ​2007060

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